Lai da Vons (2,025)


col de la cayolle cycling


Lai da Vons presents a unique and somewhat overlooked challenge within the pantheon of alpine climbs. Situated in a region renowned for its majestic peaks and legendary passes like the Splügenpass, Tguma, and San Bernardino Pass, Lai da Vons offers a distinct experience that contrasts with the towering ascents and dramatic landscapes of its more famous neighbors.

Unlike the classic conception of a mountain pass that serves as a gateway between two valleys, Lai da Vons is more akin to a plateau, offering a different type of high-altitude terrain. Despite this, it retains the status of a Deux Mille col, a testament to its elevation and the challenge it presents to cyclists.

The climb to Lai da Vons is relatively short, spanning approximately 6 kilometers, but it is far from easy. Col-hunters face an average gradient exceeding 10%, a steep and relentless incline that demands both power and determination. This steepness makes the ascent a formidable undertaking, ensuring that it commands respect despite its lesser-known status.

While it may not boast the fame of its neighboring passes, it provides a steep, rigorous climb culminating in a tranquil, plateau-like summit. For those willing to venture off the beaten path, Lai da Vons offers a rewarding journey into the heart of alpine beauty and solitude.