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Hunting high! You aim higher than most people do. Literally. You have climbed one or more of the paved 2,000+ meters mountain tops in Europe or simulated doing so on a local hill, gaining 2,000 vertical meters in one ride.


There is something about the scenery in the mountains. They have an absorbing effect of greatness. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes peaceful, sometimes hostile and sometimes grim, but always alluring. It is hard each time, but the pride of conquering a new Deux Mille col and the borderless comradeship it brings along is always worth it.

Some do it alone, others do it in social rides, others for the competition. The denominator is that we are hunting higher. Not faster. Not longer. Just higher.

It started in a cafe in Le Bourg d’Oisans. A group of us were having croissants and coffee and discussed our options the day after conquering L’Alpe d’Huez and its 21 hairpins. We looked at the map and decided to try to see if the legs were up for Col de la Croix de Fer at 2,067 meters. A few hard hours later, besides the Iron Cross, Deux Mille was born.

Near the ascents of and on the top of the “cols” we started to engage with more and more cyclists from all over the world and talked about the concept. Deux Mille started to grow and we started to formalise it. We wanted to build something together with people who shared the same passion and all of a sudden we started to see it is a world of hundreds like-minded cyclists.


We believe in the conscience of the individuals. Our rules are merely guidelines or a codex of how we see Deux Mille. For a climb to count in a Deux Mille context these rules of thumb apply:

  • The top of the col has to be above 2,000 metres in the list
  • The top of the col has to be reached
  • The ascent must be a vertical climb of at least 250 meters
  • The climb is to be completed on a normal bike. Motor or other electric help is not allowed


You automatically qualify for a membership level based on your added mountain tops:

  • HC: You have conquered at least 100 Deux Mille cols. Amazing! You are the true KOM.
  • Cat 1: You have conquered at least 60 Deux Mille cols. Living the dream. Way to go!
  • Cat 2: You have conquered at least 30 Deux Mille cols. Sick!
  • Cat 3: You have conquered at least 10 Deux Mille cols. That should make you quite special amongst friends.
  • Cat 4: You have conquered one Deux Mille col. Well done!


If you connect your account to your Strava account, you have the opportunity to let our platform automatically add the cols you have conquered. You will give us access to trawl the Strava segments and it will automatically find the segments we have in our database and add your best time of the col.

You need to have a paid Strava membership and a public profile to sync automatically. Otherwise manual adds are a possibility.

As we are still adding more and more roads/segments to our database, there is a chance that it will not find a col that you have conquered simply because the database is not complete yet.


Strava updated their API in May 2021, which means you have to be a Strava Premium member and a public profile to enable automatic updates of your cols list.

We have also experienced that some of our members will be prompted to “Connect to Strava” and when trying to do so, they get the same message over and over again. We are working to fix that problem. The workaround is:

1: Go to “My Profile”
2: Click the settings wheel and “Edit Profile”
3: Click the orange “Connect to Strava” button. You will get a redirect to an error page, but it should be connected by now.
4: Repeat step 1+2. The orange button should now contain your Strava profile name and profile id.


You can add conquered cols manually from our Cols section. Simply click “Add” and fill in the blanks, if you feel like it. You can also add which segment/road up you did it from.


The list of Cols in scope can be found here. Currently only paved cols in Europe count in a Deux Mille context. We do not know each and every paved climb in Europe, so if we are missing out on some, please let us know and we will add it immediately.

Route maps are indicative.


Deux Mille provides community data and forecasts based on, among other things, data from our members. Data may be exposed on the website and/or in apps. You own all your own data. Upon closure of your Deux Mille profile, all your data will be deleted.

Personal data we retrieve:

  • Name (either automatically through a using Facebook login, otherwise through a manual entry)
  • Email address (either automatically through a using Facebook login, otherwise through a manual entry)
  • Profile image (either automatically through a using Facebook login, otherwise through a manual entry)
  • Country Name (manual entry)
  • Town (manual entry)
  • Instagram profile link (manual entry)
  • Strava profile link (manual connection initiated by a member upon request – connection can be revoked by the member)
  • Functional Threshold Power over 60 minutes (manual entry, but per default set to 200 for the sake of functionality)
  • Weight (manual entry, but per default set to 75 kilograms for the sake of functionality)
  • Bike weight (manual entry, but per default set to 9 kilograms for the sake of functionality)
  • Number of community cols done (automatically calculated)


We use MailChimp for our information newsletters. We can access our MailChimp list to correct or update information upon the request of our members. Members can continue to update their own data, too, by contacting us or updating their preferences in any email they receive from us.