Col du Petit Saint-Bernard (2,188)


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The Col du Petit Saint Bernard pass is on the border between France and Italy. It is part of the Graian Alps and connects the Tarentaise Valley in France with the Aosta Valley in Italy.

The pass is situated at an elevation of 2,188 meters above sea level. The climb is often approached from the French side, starting in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. The road takes you through picturesque alpine scenery, with winding roads and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The ascent from Bourg-Saint-Maurice to the top is approximately 27 kilometers. The average gradient is around 5%, but there are steeper sections, particularly in the latter part of the climb.

Col du Petit Saint Bernard has historical significance and has been used for centuries as a route between France and Italy. It was a crucial pass for trade and military movements in Roman times. It has been featured in the Tour de France multiple times. It is often part of stages that include other challenging mountain passes, adding to the overall difficulty of the race.

This climb is one of our personal favorites, as it’s fairly easy despite the long distance, and the natural beauty of the area adds to the overall experience of the ride.

There are facilities, including restaurants and accommodations, near the top.


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