Port de Cabús (2,302)


col de la cayolle cycling


Port de Cabús is a compelling climb for col-hunters, located in the Pyrenees and serving as a border crossing between Andorra and Spain. This pass, though not as renowned as some of the iconic European cols, offers a steady challenge and scenic beauty, making it a worthwhile addition to any cyclist’s list.

The climb to Port de Cabús spans approximately 14 kilometers, with an average gradient of 6.2%. This consistent gradient makes it accessible yet challenging enough for most riders. It typically begins near the village of La Massana in Andorra, winding its way up through lush forests and pastoral landscapes before reaching the higher, more barren stretches as it nears the summit.

This climb is less trafficked compared to the more famous European passes, which can provide a more solitary and peaceful experience. The relative quietness of Port de Cabús makes it an excellent choice for col-hunters looking to escape the crowded routes and enjoy a day of cycling in solitude or with a few fellow enthusiasts.