Llana de las Animas (2,029)



The climb to Llano de Las Animas from Puerto de Puntagorda, situated in the region of La Palma, is a formidable challenge renowned for its steepness and breathtaking landscapes. Stretching over 15.7 kilometers, this ascent climbs a staggering 1,951 vertical meters, resulting in an average gradient of 12.4%. It stands as one of the toughest climbs in Europe, not just for its length but also for its relentless steepness.

Ascending to an elevation of 2,029 meters above sea level, Llano de Las Animas is a true test of endurance and skill. The final three kilometers of the climb are particularly brutal, characterized by a very narrow concrete path. This path isn’t just steep; it features wrinkled concrete surfaces that sometimes reach gradients of nearly 30%, challenging even the most seasoned cyclists.

Despite the demanding ascent, reaching the summit of Llano de Las Animas offers substantial rewards: panoramic views that are simply stunning. The sense of achievement, coupled with the dramatic vistas, provides a worthy payoff for the grueling effort required. Cyclists who manage to reach the top without dismounting can proudly tip their hats in recognition of their accomplishment. This climb is a true beast, promising to push physical limits while delivering a memorable high-altitude experience.