Lac du Vieux Émosson (2,209)


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Lac d’Emosson, in the Swiss Alps near the French border, is a striking reservoir known for its breathtaking scenery and fascinating history. Located above the town of Martigny, this lake is not only a popular destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts but also an important site for hydroelectric power generation.

The beauty of Lac d’Emosson is unmistakable. Surrounded by steep mountain peaks, the reservoir’s deep blue waters offer a stark contrast to the rugged, rocky landscapes around it. The area is a haven for photographers and nature lovers alike, who are drawn to its panoramic views and tranquil atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to capture the perfect sunrise over the mountains or enjoy a peaceful hike along the water’s edge, Lac d’Emosson provides a perfect backdrop.

Lac d’Emosson is not only notable for its natural beauty but also for its archaeological significance. The area around the lake has revealed several prehistoric rock carvings, indicating that it was a site of importance to ancient peoples. These carvings add a layer of historical intrigue to visits, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who roamed these mountains thousands of years ago.

The ride to the lake from Martigny spans over 25 kilometers, yet capturing a complete Strava segment during this climb is notably challenging. Signal dropouts occur frequently on this ascent, perhaps more so than on any other Deux Mille climb, making it difficult to maintain a continuous GPS connection throughout the route.