Grosser Speikkogel (2,135m)


col de la cayolle cycling


Grosser Speikkogel stands out as the most easterly Deux Mille col in the Alps. This geographical distinction makes it a point of interest for riders aiming to experience different parts of this vast mountain range. The climb is notoriously steep, posing a significant challenge.

The majority of the climb, especially the initial section leading up to the last four kilometers, is characterized by a somewhat monotonous terrain. This part of the route may not offer much in terms of scenic variety or technical interest, which can be a test of mental endurance. The final four kilometers present a change in scenery and challenge. Riders encounter a barrier, beyond which they are technically not permitted to pass.

The destination of this climb is a military radar station. The presence of such a facility at the summit is a bit anti-climactic for those expecting a natural mountaintop experience.