Fuscher Törl (2,423)


col de la cayolle cycling


Fuscher Törl, another esteemed Deux Mille col within the Grossglockner road network, serves as a pivotal point in the ascent to Grossglockner Hochtor. Distinguished by its official recognition as a summit, despite its proximity to Hochtor, Fuscher Törl offers cyclists a unique opportunity to mark another significant achievement on their alpine journey. The climb to this col is both challenging and rewarding, with gradients near 10% that test endurance and resolve.

Positioned a few kilometers before Hochtor, Fuscher Törl is not merely a waypoint but a destination in its own right. It presents cyclists with stunning alpine scenery, characterized by rugged landscapes and sweeping vistas. The atmosphere at Fuscher Törl is a pause before the final push to Grossglockner Hochtor. It’s a place where one can reflect on the journey thus far, surrounded by the natural grandeur of the Alps.

Both Edelweissspitze and Fuscher Törl enrich the cycling experience on the Grossglockner road, offering distinct challenges and rewards. Edelweissspitze, with its panoramic views, and Fuscher Törl, a testament to the journey’s progress, are integral parts of the Grossglockner adventure. Together, they embody the spirit of alpine cycling, blending the thrill of the climb with the awe of nature’s artistry.