Dosso dei Galli (2,121)


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Dosso dei Galli reveals a landscape that is both serene and marked by its past. The top is home to the abandoned NATO radar station, built during the Cold War and left deserted since 1995. While the presence of this structure may detract from the natural scenery for some, it also adds a fascinating historical layer to the summit, serving as a reminder of the area’s strategic importance in recent history. Besides the radar station, the summit offers expansive views of the surrounding Alpine landscape, providing a tranquil setting for contemplation and appreciation of nature’s beauty.

The route from Bagolino is fully paved, providing a smooth and steady ascent suitable for road cyclists. This paved path was originally asphalted to accommodate access to a NATO-built radar station at the summit. Today, it offers riders a consistent surface that winds up the mountain, showcasing serpentine turns and breathtaking vistas along the way.

In contrast, the approach from Degna adds an adventurous element with its gravel sections. This path demands both endurance and technical skill, especially on the looser, more unpredictable stretches of terrain. The gravel route appeals to those seeking the thrill of off-road conditions and the satisfaction of conquering a less conventional climb.

The historical significance of Dosso dei Galli extends beyond the Cold War era. The area was a strategic location during World War I, with memorials and remnants at the summit honoring the soldiers who fought in the region. This blend of natural splendor, historical resonance, and the incongruous presence of the radar station makes the summit of Dosso dei Galli a thought-provoking destination.