Col de la Croix de Coeur (2,174)


col de la cayolle cycling


Col de la Croix de Coeur holds a special significance in the Tour des Stations Gran Fondo, an annual cycling event that attracts riders from around the world. The event offers several routes, ranging from “easy” to brutally challenging, and they all culminate with a climb up this col. Completing the Col de la Croix de Coeur is not just a physical feat but also a psychological one, as it symbolizes overcoming the ultimate challenge in a series of demanding ascents throughout the race.

The col is situated in an area known for its abundance of Deux Mille cols and is notable for its wealth, with the route from Verbier offering the most challenging ascent. Verbier is famed for its status as a luxurious and exclusive resort destination that caters to an elite clientele. The road quality is average and can be somewhat hazardous for larger pelotons. The climb was featured in the 2023 edition of the Tour de France, where it was approached with caution.