Coll de Pal (2,106)


col de la cayolle cycling


Coll de Pal is a pass in the Spanish Pyrenees, specifically located within the province of Catalonia. This pass offers a different cycling experience from the more popular and heavily trafficked routes, providing a quieter, more scenic journey through some of Catalonia’s picturesque landscapes.

It can be accessed from Bagà, a historic town known for its charming old quarter and proximity to the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. The route from Bagà to Coll de Pal is around 18.5 kilometers long and involves a steady climb through the serene and lush surroundings of the Pre-Pyrenees. Around 6.5%, making it a moderately challenging climb that is accessible to riders with a decent level of fitness.

If you are enjoying the tranquility of the mountains, Coll de Pal is a worthwhile ascent.