Col de la Lombarde (2,350)


col de la cayolle cycling


With France on the south side and Italy on the north side, this col sits in the heart of the Alpi Marittime and offers an epic climb with more than 20 km on each side. The Italian one is the most spectacular and wild with its narrow road that stretches through woods in the lower part and high peaks towards the col. The French side is as hard as the Italian one, but with a wider road that narrows towards the end after passing Isola 2000.
Once you have conquered this col the best option is to climb also the near Sant’Anna di Vinadio on the Italian side. For those who are brave enough, there is also the epic tour that includes the Col de la Bonette (another glorious Deux Mille) and the Colle della Maddalena (which is just four meters short of being a Deux Mille col!)