Cirque de Troumouse (2,110)


col de la cayolle cycling


This one is a bit of a surprise. This one has little buzz, but it is an excellent, atypical climb.
The lower and upper parts come with nasty gradients, while the middle part is gentler, but that is not what sets this climb apart from others. It’s the fact that “paved road” is graduated by the French, so it also includes narrow, worn-out gravel-like surfaces. It all kicks in at the last half of the climb when switchbacks come thick and fast, and views become stunning, no matter where you look.
Three kilometers from the top, vehicles are prohibited from going any further. The climb gets steep here, and the road worsens, which you must pay attention to when descending. It’s a terrible road to descend.
The glacial cirque at the top of Cirque du Troumouse is mindblowing. No wonder trekkers love this place.



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