Cirque de Troumouse (2,110)


col de la cayolle cycling


This climb is quite the surprise, garnering little buzz yet offering an exceptional and atypical ascent.

The climb features challenging gradients at both the lower and upper sections, while the middle portion is more forgiving. However, what truly distinguishes this climb from others is the road surface. The term ‘paved road,’ as used by the French, encompasses a variety of conditions, including narrow, worn, and gravel-like surfaces. This diversity becomes particularly apparent in the latter half of the ascent, where switchbacks increase in frequency, and the scenery becomes increasingly breathtaking from every angle.

Three kilometers from the summit, the road becomes closed to vehicles. Here, the gradient sharpens, and the road condition deteriorates further, demanding extra caution during descent—it’s a notoriously difficult road to navigate downhill.

At the summit lies the glacial cirque of Cirque du Troumouse, an awe-inspiring natural amphitheater that justifiably attracts countless trekkers. It’s no surprise that this destination is beloved by many.