Campo Moro (2,020)


col de la cayolle cycling


Campo Moro is a captivating, yet – Deux Mille wise – isolated location in the Italian Alps, nestled in the Lombardy region near the town of Sondrio. It features the beautiful Campo Moro Lake, situated at an elevation of 1,991 meters above sea level. This serene lake is part of a larger alpine setting that offers stunning landscapes and a range of outdoor activities.

The approach to Campo Moro goes via a well-maintained road that winds through the scenic Valmalenco. The road offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below.

To classify Campo Moro as a Deux Mille col, which refers to cols or mountain passes over 2,000 meters in elevation, one must continue beyond the lake to the parking lot area. This slight extension ensures the climb reaches an elevation that surpasses the 2,000-meter mark, adding just enough altitude to meet the criteria for col-hunters.

Campo Moro Lake is not only a natural attraction but also an important reservoir, controlled by a dam that’s interesting from both a technical and visual standpoint. The lake’s clear waters reflect the majestic peaks surrounding it, making it a picturesque spot for photography and nature observation. The area around is crisscrossed with trails suitable for hiking and mountain biking. These trails offer various difficulties and lead to even more remote areas of the Italian Alps, providing opportunities to explore further into the natural beauty of the region.