Bettmeralp (2,037)



Bettmeralp is a small, car-free alpine village and a popular tourist destination located in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. This charming village is part of the Aletsch Arena, a renowned ski and hiking area that includes the nearby villages of Riederalp and Fiescheralp. Visitors typically access the village via a cable car from the valley below (from Betten). The absence of vehicles contributes to the area’s tranquil atmosphere and clean alpine air.

For road cyclists, the approach to Bettmeralp presents a demanding climb, typical of Alpine terrain. The route from the valley floor to the upper reaches, where the village is located, tests endurance and climbing abilities. Riders are treated to spectacular views of the Swiss Alps, including vistas of the Aletsch Glacier. The proximity to the Aletsch Glacier, a UNESCO World Heritage site, adds historical and environmental significance. The glacier itself is a powerful symbol of the natural history of the Alps and is an important focus for studies on climate change and its impact on alpine environments.

Historically, Bettmeralp was a traditional Alpine farming village. The development of tourism, particularly with the establishment of the ski resort and the promotion of the Aletsch Arena, has significantly transformed the village.


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