Doing the Swiss Rhone valley challenge, you will most likely have your basecamp(s) along route 9.

Starting from east, Bettmeralp is the first test – and it is a tough one. 17 kilometers with than 8% gradient.

It is an unknown Deux Mille climb to most col hunters.

Climb details: https://www.deuxmille.cc/cols/bettmeralp/  


bettmeralp cycling
simplonpass cycling



Yet another tough climb in the Swiss Alps; the Simplon Pass. 

From Brig it is 18 kilometers, and more than 1,400 vertical meters, up to the famous hospice. 

Climb details: https://www.deuxmille.cc/cols/simplon-pass/ 

MOOSALP (2,039)


You better enjoy long climbs and 90+ minutes in the saddle on ascents to do the Rhone valley Deux Mille cols.

Moosalp is not another long climb, and stunning in all fairness. More than 17 kilometers to the top from Visp.

Climb details: https://www.deuxmille.cc/cols/moosalp/ 

moosalp cycling
lauchernalp cycling



Hands down. The Rhone valley climbs are relentless.

This one is almost 9% over the last 8 kilometers from Wiler and that is if you feel like short-cutting this climb. From main road 9, Gampel, it is yet another 20 kilometer climb.

Since you are there, combine this one with Weritzalp. See below. 

Climb details: https://www.deuxmille.cc/cols/lauchernalp/ 



Admittedly, this challenge gets more insane by the col.

From Wiler, you can ride up to Lauchernalp and Weritzalp. The latter is 10% for about 7 kilometers. A bit of a hidden gem for true col hunters.

Climb details: https://www.deuxmille.cc/cols/weritzalp/ 

weritzalp cycling
albinenleitern cycling



It does not get any easier with Albinenleitern. Only higher.

It is another brutal climb that goes on for more than 90 minutes and with an average gradient of more than 9%.

The climb starts in Leuk.  

Climb details: https://www.deuxmille.cc/cols/albinenleitern/ 



You can do this one from Visp, which makes is it a 36 kilometer climb. We suggest starting from Saas-Grund, which is also the starting point for Täschalp.

From Saas-Grund you actually get a nice, easy ride, for once. Less than 6% over 11 kilometers. Moreover you get an epic view of the Stausee and the mountains at the top. 

Climb details: https://www.deuxmille.cc/cols/stausee-mattmark/  

stausee-mattmark cycling
Taschalp cycling

TÄSCHALP (2,081)


The last climb in the Rhone valley and it offers no mercy.

From Saas-Grund, it is more than 700 vertical meters over 7 kilometers. You do the math. That equals steep!

Climb details: https://www.deuxmille.cc/cols/taschalp/  




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